Style Switch With Color Picker

Striking Color Settings

In Striking colors can be set for almost every theme element. Striking has a sophisticated color selector which beside normal html “#123456” color setting allows RGBa format with transparency for each element. This way when, f.e. setting a background color and the background has already a image loaded, the RGBa-color setting will allow the background image to “shine through” the color layer which is on top of that image. This creates maginificent and stunning looks within a website.

The Striking color settings are available in the global theme settings and are divided in logical color groups. On top of that Striking provides color override settings by settings in each page, post or portfolio item. This way the theme can make one or more pages look completely different as all default ones. The coloring combinations and abilities are almost to unlimited.

Read more about page specific settings here : Page Specific Custom Settings


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